Nýja Breiðholt (New Reykjavik)


The city of Reykjavik is in disarray. After half of the Icelandic nation inexplicably fled the country during the exodus, leaving behind a capitol without law, order or social structure, those remaining are forced to find their own means of survival in a decaying, isolated state. That includes fighting for what’s theirs and enforcing their own brand of outlaw justice.

Thirty years later, a generation removed from the exodus, there is a serial killer on the loose in Reykjavik city and when he abducts another young girl from the borough of Breidholt it has unexpected consequences. A single father, joining forces with a mysterious woman, is forced to risk everything to get his daughter back but his actions upset the delicate peace between controlling gangs of Reykjavik and threaten a bloody civil war.

New Reykjavik is an unusual and suspenseful thriller which explores where modern society might be headed.

Icelandic cover for Nýja Breiðholt (Draumsýn, 2016)